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VDJServer is a free, scalable resource for performing immune repertoire analysis and sharing data. Manage, analyze, and archive your data through our web resource.

With VDJServer, users can (1) create projects, (2) upload files to projects, (3) share projects with other specified users, (4) conduct de-multiplexing, quality filtering, and other pre-processing tasks on single end reads, (5) run IgBlast, and (6) obtain basic repertoire characterization results for both B cell receptor and T cell receptor repertoires. We are currently finalizing testing on the pre-processing components. Subsequent releases will add the ability to conduct pre-processing on paired end reads, conduct more extensive repertoire analysis, and publish data, analysis pipelines, and results via permanent URLs.

VDJServer Publicly Available Data

  • Rubelt et al. 2016: Individual heritable differences result in unique lymphocyte receptor repertoires of naïve and antigen-experienced cells

VDJServer Documentation

  • VDJServer Release Announcements has information about changes with the VDJServer website.
  • Known Outstanding Issues with the VDJServer website.
  • Versions of software tools used by the VDJServer website.
  • Germline Databases used by the VDJServer website.
  • The User's Manual is available as a PDF.
  • There are step-by-step instructions for various common workflows.
  • Watch some videos of how to use VDJServer.